Flames of Truth Ministries
Monday, October 23, 2017

Lessons on Peace

Do you want peace in your crazy hectic life?  Do you want long lasting peace that carries you through life's valleys and life's mountaintops?  Is there something tormenting your soul and you find yourself desparately crying out for peace?  Follow each of the lessons listed below this title on the previous page and watch as you begin to let go and God begins to usher in His perfect peace.  Pray before you begin each lesson so that you are asking the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.  Read the Bible passages in your Bible so that you can mark them and make notes that the Holy Spirit may use at a later time to remind you of what He has already taught you.  If there is any point that you need to discuss further, please email me so that we can discuss your concerns or your needs.  I would love to pray with you and hear from you so that I will know how the Holy Spirit used this to help you along your journey in life.